About Us

Welcome to Credit Weld. We provide free information for consumers to rebuild their credit to help you improve your financial future. The way we see it, people deserve access to the best possible information when they need help managing their finances. That’s why our advice is transparent and actionable – so you can make wise decisions for yourself if you’re struggling with too much debt. 

Andrew Bryant, the founder and managing editor of Credit Weld is a self-taught finance expert. With over fifteen years experience in credit from his time as an Experian employee, Andrew provides easy steps anyone can follow with any score to help them live a life of financial freedom. 

The link between good credit and financial well-being is clear. Unfortunately, many consumers know little about building and maintaining it themselves – which makes them more susceptible when they’re struggling financially in an economic downturn or emergency situation. 

The Importance of a Good Credit Score

If you didn’t know already, your credit score is actually a big deal.

Once lenders review their applicants’ credit scores, then they can determine if the applicant is likely to repay any personal or business loans responsibly and without defaulting. That said, most lenders will only go ahead with an application if someone has a good to excellent credit score of 680 and above.

Having good/excellent credit allows the borrower to get the best loan rates available for whatever they might need at approved by most creditors. It also means that they won’t have so many restrictions and requirements imposed on them whenever they need new lines of credit.

At Credit Weld we get that and every article we write supports our mission of spreading the word about simple, no-nonsense credit advice that anyone can use.