CuraDebt Review: Is the Debt Relief Program Worth It?

CuraDebt Review

CuraDebt is a debt relief program that helps people who need debt assistance without consolidation or taking out a new loan. The CuraDebt company is designed to work with your budget and financial situation, to save you as much money as possible. The company analyzes the debt you have and uses a debt settlement process to help you negotiate your debt and pay less than you owe.

Like many other companies that provide debt relief services, CuraDebt negotiates with your creditors so that you can settle debts for less than you currently owe in balances, interest, and fees.

The program goes about helping customers all without the need for additional loans.

Many of us today are dealing with all kinds of debt, which can be tremendous stress and burden, but companies like CuraDebt, which has been operating for over 20 years, can relieve that stress instantly.

In this article, we will review who CuraDebt is, how their program works, the pros and cons, and finally, if they are worth it.


What is CuraDebt?


Perhaps you have debt-related issues such as tax debt or facing some other hardship or challenge. The CuraDebt in-house debt relief program asks you to stop paying on all of your debt for several months and save that money instead. Then the company starts negotiating with your debtors to reduce the amount of debt you owe.

As each debt is settled, you pay an average of 20% of each settled debt in fees as progress is made.

There are no upfront fees associated with the CuraDebt program, and there are several plans available depending on the debt you owe.

If you are looking for a company with good ratings that can help you relieve your debt without having to take out another loan, CuraDebt may be able to help. With an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, The CuraDebt company goes out of its way to help its customers not rack up more debt with additional loans or additional lines of credit that exacerbate the problem.

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How Does CuraDebt work?

The CuraDebt company works by providing debt relief through debt settlement. This process works by providing a lump-sum payment in exchange for a large portion of your debt being forgiven. They are able to provide this by working with the financial institutions to come up with a debt settlement plan and negotiating a payment plan less than your original debt amount. After your initial free consultation, they calculate your total debt and come up with the best solution than you can review.

Additionally, companies like CuraDebt work by looking at various creditor violations and work to get cash settlements on your behalf that can reduce or even dismiss your debts with those companies.

This process works without loans, which only complicates debt. The CuraDebt program offers several different plans to pay into a dedicated savings account or a lump sum account.

This account is used to provide cash settlements to your debtors, so no loan is needed. If you are looking for a program to reduce your debt or a program that doesn’t require loans to reduce your debt, then CuraDebt offers a reasonable way to do this.


CuraDebt Fees

CuraDebt’s services does not charge any up-front fees. Instead, you pay an average of about 20% in fees on each settled debt. These fees are charged to you as each debt is settled until everything is settled. Most debts can be settled with CuraDebt in about 24 to 48 months.

As a debt consolidation company, the CuraDebt program only covers unsecured debts such as credit cards, payday loans, and tax debt. They do not negotiate debt relief for things like a mortgage loan or a car loan.

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CuraDebt Pros and Cons

CuraDebt as a company provides many benefits that look attractive to people who are in debt.

As we mentioned, the last thing that someone who has a lot of debt needs is a loan program that puts them farther into debt.

While it may seem wise to consider a refinance loan on your home or a payday loan, these options may only cause more issues and higher interest rates and fees.

On the other hand, when you are in debt, and trying to save your credit score from going even lower than it is, then the thought of stopping payments on your debts and the ramifications that come with that might be scary as well.

So, taking an in-depth look at the various pros and cons of CuraDebt as a company, the different plans and programs they offer, as well as the types of debt they can help with, is important.

It’s worth noting that these steps are essential regardless of the debt settlement company you are considering.

Pros of CuraDebt

We have found the pros of CuraDebt to be very favorable. There are many options for people who find themselves in a bit of financial trouble. Many people choose programs like CuraDebt to help them avoid bankruptcy, but it can do much more than that.

  • You don’t pay upfront fees in the CuraDebt debt relief program
  • You don’t pay any fees with CuraDebt unless your debts are reduced
  • CuraDebt offers a free consultation to help you decide if debt settlement is right for you
  • As a debt relief company, CuraDebt is one of the few that offers tax relief services
  • CuraDebt is a highly related debt relief company scoring well in customer reviews
  • CuraDebt is transparent and doesn’t require loans to settle your debt
  • The CuraDebt program offers to assist with lowering all kinds of unsecured loans that contribute to debt
  • In total, CuraDebt may be able to assist you in settling your debts for about 50% of what you owe, and in some cases, even less.

Cons of CuraDebt

There are not a lot of downfalls to the Cura Debt company, but since we have to list at least a few, these are the things that we discovered that you might want to consider.

This is especially true if your debt is a bigger problem than just a few credit cards you need to pay off.

Also, one of the biggest cons we found is that to work with CuraDebt, you are required to stop making monthly payments on your debt, which can initially cause more harm to your credit score. However, the upside is that your credit score should bounce back once your debt is paid off.

  • CuraDebt does not solve secured debts such as car loans or mortgage loans
  • The company charges a little more in fees than other debt relief programs
  • The CuraDebt program cannot solve all of your debt problems
  • If your credit rating is very low, then the requirement of stopping payment on all of your debts can cause a further decrease in your credit rating, causing issues later if you have healthy debt and need a loan
  • The CuraDebt company does not offer an application for mobile users or payments

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Is CuraDebt Worth It?

If your debt is mostly unsecured debt that includes: credit card debt, payday loans, personal loans, student loans, medical debts, or unpaid taxes curadebt’s program may be an option you can consider.

However, more significant debts such as mortgages or car loans are not something CuraDebt works with, and you’ll need to find an alternate solution.

The CuraDebt company uses in-house company experts to look into violations of creditors. Then, it uses those violations as an advantage in lowering your debt significantly or even getting your debt completely forgiven.

The CuraDebt company also uses debt settlement programs with several different plan options to provide you with instant relief from your debt responsibilities.

Since CuraDebt wants to relieve you of any fears you have, one of the biggest advantages they offer that we think makes it worth it is the free consultation where you aren’t obligated to sign up for any plan without having complete peace of mind.

If you’re in he process of trying to repair your credit, you should consider how this program will impact your credit in the short term and how your financials goals will be impacted by using CuraDebt’s services. 


Wrapping It Up

If you are looking for a program to consolidate your debt and are concerned about taking out another loan to consolidate that debt, perhaps the debt settlement program that the CuraDebt company offers is a good option for you.

The customers that most benefit from programs like the CuraDebt company offers are those that find themselves still able to make their mortgage and car loan payments but struggle to buy groceries because they end up needing to make several credit card payments or payments on payday loans instead.

After reading countless customer CuraDebt reviews, it’s clear that top consumer reviews state they have a great experience with CuraDebt, and many people find themselves debt-free within 24 to 48 months which can be a massive relief to those with debt, especially if that debt is mostly unsecured.

If you are looking for a program or company that can help you with your options, then CuraDebt can help.

With the free consultation to a CuraDebt counselor, what do you have to lose by calling them and talk to them about your outstanding debts? In the process, you can them asking as many questions as you have to decide if the service is right for you.

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