Extra Debit Card Review: Is It Worth It?

It can be challenging if you want to improve your credit and achieve a better score but don’t have any credit history. Having difficulty building credit when paying with cash or a debit card is common.

After all, to build credit, you typically need to borrow money. However, the Extra debit card is a whole new way to manage your finances. This type of debit account works like credit cards, but with one significant difference – you won’t get into debt.

The Extra debit card is the best way to build your credit without having the hassle of going through an application process and getting approved.

The company reports purchases made with this card to provide you with record-keeping for payment history.

The Extra debit card is a nifty little addition for anyone who wants to take their credit rating up another notch. With this feature, you’ll get improved benefits and security that come with the account- it’s definitely worth looking into if your current banking needs don’t meet all of yours.

Below we’ll explore what the Extra debit card offers and how it can help improve your account’s score.


What is an Extra Debit Card? 

Extra Debit Card is a new type of card that can help you build your credit score and earn points on everyday purchases. It’s the first debit card to do all of this, making it an exciting option for consumers who want more flexibility in managing their finances.

You can use the Extra debit card to gain excellent credit benefits without the risks or restrictions often associated with secured credit cards. There is no credit check, no interest rates, and deposit needed. In addition, you don’t have to switch banks because there is no deposit required.

Avoid the pesky fees associated with other accounts so you can keep more money in your pocket. The Extra debit card is a great way to establish your financial responsibility, and it will help you get approved for bigger loans in the future!


How Does the Extra Debit Card Work?

Are you considering signing up for the Extra Debit Card? Here’s how it works:

Register and Link Your Bank Account: Registering is easy. You simply connect your bank account, and you’re given a credit limit based on your cash balance (without a credit check).

Swipe Your Card: Suppose you swipe your Extra card at a store for $50, Extra pays for it and then deducts $50 from your checking account one business day later. Again, there are no fees or interest charges associated with this transaction.

The Credit Bureaus Are Notified About Payments: Extra adds up all of your transactions at the end of each month and credits them to credit bureaus as creditworthy payments. Extra currently reports payments to both Experian and Equifax. It does not report to TransUnion.


Pricing for Extra Debit Cards – What Does It Cost?

Extra debit cards have one of the lowest rates of any kind of debit card. They don’t charge you as much money as other debit cards do, which is one of the finest aspects about them.

They do, however, charge a flat monthly subscription in the range of $7, which you can pay in full at once.

When you use your Extra debit card to make a purchase, you may earn at least 1% cashback as a bonus, making it simple to pay for the monthly subscription.

You do not have to worry about any hidden fees, a high interest rate, or even selling your personal data when you have an Extra debit card, which offers more rewards points.

Extra Debit Card Pros and Cons


  • Maintains and builds your credit score- Your Extra card may be used at any time to make purchases and build the best credit possible by eliminating the risk of paying interest or incurring debt.
  • No credit checks or approval required- There is no need for a credit check with the Extra card. Therefore, even if you have bad credit, it won’t prevent you from being accepted. Furthermore, there is no requirement for a credit check, which implies that nearly everyone who joins up is approved.
  • You Will Not Get into Debt- You can’t get into debt with the Extra card since it works like a debit card. The app looks at your bank account’s existing balance and transaction history to determine a spending limit for the Extra card.  This extra step helps guarantee that you have adequate funds in your checking account to cover your purchases. Your transaction history is reported to the credit bureaus, but you can never carry a balance on your Extra card because of automatic payments.
  • No Security Deposits- Unlike a secured credit card or loan, the Extra debit card does not require any sort of deposit. When you make purchases with the card, the money for each transaction is drawn straight from your linked checking account.
  • Earn Rewards – The best part about a debit card is the reward points, which a majority of credit cards do not provide. The Extra debit card gives more than most debit cards in terms of credit. Everything you purchase with your card will earn you 1% back without any interest fees.
  • Fraud Alerts- Using the Extra debit card is safe since you do not have to be on guard when making transactions, and you’ll receive fraud alerts if there have been attempts to use the card or suspicious activities.



  • Doesn’t report to all three major credit bureaus- TransUnion’s records do not contain your payment history. Your payment history will appear on your Experian and Equifax credit files.
  • Cannot Withdraw Cash- The main disadvantage of using the Extra debit card is that it does not allow you to make ATM withdrawals, unlike a regular debit card issued by a bank. Instead, you must utilize your financial institution debit card to withdraw cash from an ATM. 
  • Monthly Fee- You’ll be charged a monthly subscription fee. The cost of the basic month-to-month subscription plan is $7 per month. Unlike many debit cards that come with fees, this one does not give you the option of waiving it. 
  • Only Accepted in the United States –  The Extra debit card can be used only at merchants that accept MasterCard in the United States. There is no foreign transaction option on the Extra debit card, so you can only use it in the United States. 
  • Limited Spending- They provide an overview of your transaction history and your current balance to assist you in establishing a spending limit for your Extra card. Your bank account balance determines the amount you can spend.


Is Extra Debit Card Legit

Yes, the Extra Debit Card is legitimate. The company provides identity theft protection to ensure that other people aren’t using your money. So if you’re searching for a simple approach to establishing credit that won’t put you in debt, the Extra debit card could be the answer.

The Extra debit card behaves like a credit card but reports to the credit bureaus. You will not be penalized for your financial habits. Even if you spend a little or a lot of money, your expenditures are recorded to the credit bureaus, and your credit utilization rate from this card will not harm your score at the end of the month.

You’ll be notified when you make a purchase. If you receive a notification of something you didn’t buy, let the company know as soon as possible.


Is Extra Debit Card Worth It? 

Is Extra Debit Worth it?

The Extra debit card is worth it if you want a simple and easy way to build credit. The company does not charge for the application or annual fees like other credit cards might.

You don’t have to limit yourself from using your money because your Extra debit card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Although the Extra debit card doesn’t report to all three bureaus as other credit cards do, your payment history is reported to Experian and Equifax if you pay off your balance in full every month. Your payment history will only appear on your TransUnion credit file if you pay for your purchase in full.


How Else Can I Improve My Credit?

While an Extra Debit Card can help build and improve your score, there are things you can do today that can help build good credit habits.

  1. Pay your bills on time. Ensuring your bills are paid on time helps with your credit history. If you have trouble paying your full credit card balance, make timely payments on the minimum monthly payment.
  2. Keep unused credit card balances low. Having a high balance is another thing that will impact your credit score. If you’re having trouble keeping your debt paid down, consider asking for an additional credit line from the bank if you can show you’ve demonstrated you can responsibly use a credit card.
  3. Pay off any collection balances. If you have accounts in collections, work with the collection agency to get your debt resolved and make arrangements for payments if needed. Being proactive will help reinforce that you’re willing to communicate and be responsible with creditors.
  4. Do not open multiple cards at once. This can cause a drop in your credit score because it has the potential to increase your debt-to-credit ratio.
  5. Do not close your credit card accounts. Unless you need to because every time you close an account, it decreases the average age of cards on your credit report, impacting your score.
  6. Avoid buying things with your credit card that you can’t afford. This includes big purchases such as a car and will only lead to additional debt for you if you cannot pay it back right away.
  7. Consider getting a side job to help increase your income to pay down debt. This will help improve your credit score because you’ll be able to pay down debt and curtail any additional purchases.


Extra Debit Card FAQs


Is Extra a Secured Card?

No, the Extra card is not a secured credit card. Instead, it behaves like a prepaid debit card. There are no annual fees, no monthly maintenance fees, no ATM fees for domestic use, and it can be used worldwide. The goal of this card is to help build or improve your credit score, and the company offers a free FICO score for you to track your progress.


What credit bureaus does Extra report to?

Extra does not report to all three credit bureaus. Like other prepaid debit cards, reports are sent to TransUnion and Experian if you pay off your balance in full every month. Your payment history will only appear on your TransUnion credit file if you purchase.


How does Extra report my credit utilization?

Extra credit utilization resets every 24 hours, so you never have to worry about the card impacting your credit utilization.


Is Extra a good first credit card?

Extra Debit Card is a great first card for people who have trouble qualifying for other types of credit cards.

As long as you pay off your balance every month and use the card often, you will start to see improvement in your credit score. In addition, it has all the benefits that come with prepaid debit cards, like the ability to spend anywhere Mastercard is accepted, no overdraft fees, and free access to your FICO score.


How do I load my Extra account?

You can pay your monthly bill online with a credit card, ACH transfer, or check.


Where is Extra accepted?

Everywhere Mastercard is accepted worldwide. It also comes with the same security features as regular credit cards like Zero Liability Protection and Purchase Security.

Is there an annual fee?

There is no annual fee, and you can cancel your card at any time for free by calling customer service.


Wrapping It Up

Sometimes we all need a little help, and that’s where Extra comes in. This simple cash back card may just be what you’re looking for if your credit isn’t quite ready, but it can also act as an excellent stepping stone towards personal finances.

Extra’s mission is to make credit building easier and more accessible to everyone. The Extra debit card has it all, from a wide variety of perks to a host of payment options.

It is an excellent tool for individuals with bad credit looking to improve their credit score. This includes people with bad credit, no credit, bankruptcies, and more.

You can be certain that you won’t be charged any hidden fees, unfavorable interest rates, or even selling your personal information. They also provide extra cashback for each transaction, and they’re safe to use. You’ll earn 1% back on everything you buy with your card without incurring any interest charges.

There is no waiting period to use your Extra debit card since it works immediately after you receive it. Therefore, the Extra debit card can be an ideal solution for those who don’t want a credit card but still desire to establish or maintain their credit history.

Extra debit card is an excellent choice to help repair or build your credit and should consider this as an asset in your personal finance journey.



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