Tradeline Supply Company Review: Is It a Scam?

Tradeline Supply Company Reviews

Your credit score is one of the most critical numbers in your life.

A good credit score will allow you to buy a home, purchase a car, or even take out a loan to start a business.

Employers check credit scores, as do landlords. 

For better or worse, this number plays a significant role in a person’s life.

Unfortunately for many, good credit hasn’t been obtainable. Many people need to boost their score, whether due to a lack of credit history or simply having a bad credit history.

Tradeline Supply Company offers a way for those with little or poor credit history to increase their credit score. 

Read on to find out if this is an option for you.


How Do Tradelines Work?

A tradeline is any credit account that appears on someone’s credit report. It is that record of credit activity that is reported to a credit bureau. 

Every line of credit established is a tradeline. For example, school loans, auto loans, home loans, and a credit card account are their own tradeline. 

Lines of credit must be open in order to generate a credit score, so one must have a tradeline to have a score. 

A good credit score comes from multiple tradelines with on-time payments and low credit utilization. 

A bad credit score comes from the reverse. Missing payments or utilizing too much credit will lead to a low credit score.

There are many reasons that a person may have a low credit score: no credit history, high credit utilization, missed payments, etc. Each reason has the same underlying problem: poor tradelines. 

A simple way to improve your credit score is to add a tradeline to your credit history. 

It can be impossible for those with poor or over utilized credit to take out another line of credit in their own name. 

But that’s where businesses like Tradeline Supply Company come in. They offer tradelines that can be bought for a fee. 

When you buy a tradeline, you buy the right to be an authorized user on someone’s credit card. As an authorized user, you inherit that card’s credit history and all of the on-time payments associated with it. 

This increase in positive payment history often leads to a boost in the authorized user’s credit score. 

The authorized user is not liable for any charges placed on the account, so no extra money is owed after the initial payment. 

And better yet? This practice is entirely legal. There are no laws that forbid buying or selling tradelines. 

Let’s take a look at one of the reputable companies offering a tradeline buying service.


Overview of Tradeline Supply Company 


Tradeline Supply Company is one of the newer tradeline industry players. Founded in 2017, this middleman has made itself known by offering the lowest fees on the market. 

Its CEO David Melnicoe first started selling his own tradelines before deciding to make a business out of it. In just four years, what began as a one-man team has grown into a legitimate company.

Tradeline Supply Company is not Better Business Bureau accredited, but that hasn’t stopped them from making waves in the tradeline game.

Their low fees are what propelled their growth. Other tradeline retailers start their services at over $300 per tradeline – Tradeline Supply Company begins at $247. 

They are able to charge low fees because they are selective about which banks and credit cards they work with. Not all banks properly report authorized users, so Tradeline Supply Company does not want to waste customers’ time dealing with them. 

“I refuse to sell tradelines for CitiBank, Wells Fargo, and US Bank,” said Melnicoe, as they only have a “50-75% success rate of posting to credit reports.”

Tradeline Supply Company offers an easy-to-use interface for its customers. 

Prospective authorized users have the ability to filter through an extensive list of options such as bank name, credit limit, date opened, and cost. 

They note the day the purchase needs to be made and when the tradeline will show up on your credit report. 

Tradeline Supply Company makes sure to point out that they do not guarantee buying a tradeline will cause an increase in credit score. No tradeline company can make that promise. 

However, buying a tradeline is a sound idea for those looking to increase their credit score, and Tradeline Supply Company offers access to credit accounts with a long history of on-time payments. 

Every tradeline purchase through Tradeline Supply Company comes guaranteed with an authorized user status for a minimum of two reporting periods, and it also guarantees that it reports to two out of the three credit bureaus. 

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Pros and Cons of Tradeline Supply Company 

There are many aspects to think about when considering buying tradelines. Tradeline Supply Company makes the process easy for any user, but it’s important to keep these aspects in mind when choosing your tradeline middleman. 

Let’s take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of using Tradeline Supply.

Tradeline Supply Company Pros 

Entry cost

Tradeline Supply offers users the lowest cost on the market for newer credit lines. Customers can become an authorized user on a two-year-old, $2,000 line credit line for only $247. Other retailers would charge over $300 for that same service. 



Tradeline Supply does not work with any financial institution with a bad history of accurately reporting to credit bureaus. If you buy a tradeline from them, you can rest assured that the tradeline will be reported. 

They also only work with sellers who have no late payments on their credit history and a credit utilization of less than 15%. You get the best of the best when you buy a tradeline from Tradeline Supply. 


Ease of use

Their website is intuitive and very easy for any customer to use. Customers have the option to sort all eight categories of credit to find what works for them. Those looking for a high line of credit can sort the credit limit from highest to lowest, while others looking for the cheapest offering can list those first.


Excellent Customer Service

The staff are very helpful and will provide you with helpful suggestions in choosing the tradeline that best suits your needs. In numerous Tradeline Supply reviews, several long term clients have had their credit score in good standing due to the helpful staff.


Tradeline Supply Company Cons

Credit reporting times

The company has “Purchase Deadline” as a toggle option for a reason: if you purchase after the deadline, the tradeline will not show up in the upcoming credit reporting period. If you miss the reporting cycles, you could be waiting up to six weeks for any positive impact. 


Premium cost

While the entry-level tradelines are the most affordable on the market, their premium options – credit histories 10+ years old – align with that of their competitors. The better tradelines can cost over $1,000. That cost is often out of reach for those truly looking to better their financial position. 

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Who Would Benefit from Tradelines?

Anyone looking to better their credit score could benefit from adding a tradeline to their credit history. 

There are two types of people that want to boost their credit score: those with little credit or those with delinquencies. Both can benefit from buying a tradeline. 

Little or no credit history

Those with little credit, or no credit at all, tend to be the ones to see the most credit gains when buying a tradeline or two. Adding tradelines with on-time payments over several years can significantly boost a credit score. Those who report gains of 100 points tend to be those who started out with little credit. 


Credit with delinquencies 

If you have missed payments, buying tradelines will dilute your payment history by adding many on-time payments. Adding a lengthy credit history full of on-time payments will make any missed payments less impactful. 

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Tradeline Supply Company FAQ

How long does it take to purchase a tradeline?

Due to the online nature of the process, purchasing a tradeline is instantaneous. The moment you hit “confirm payment”, the tradeline is yours. 

The only wait time comes from your selected tradeline’s reporting period. 

Can I cancel an order?

Orders can be canceled as long as they have not been added to the credit card. In this case, it is possible to be issued a refund. 

This means there’s a short window if you decide to cancel, so make sure this is something you want to do before purchasing. 


How long do tradelines stay on your credit report?

Credit report cycles are variable, as are the policies of individual credit accounts. 

The length of time a tradeline stays on a credit report depends on the tradeline purchased, but Tradeline Supply guarantees the tradeline to remain for a minimum of two months.


Is this legal?

Yes, both buying tradelines and offering tradelines are completely legal. 

However, there are some risks involved. Credit companies might question your link to the account holder, and if they think your relationship isn’t legitimate, they may deny any loan request you’re seeking.

Tradeline Supply Company offers a lengthy FAQ page for any further questions.  


Ways to Improve your score without using Tradelines

While tradelines are a great way to improve your credit score, they aren’t without their risks. Below are some tried and true methods to help you improve your credit score.


Get a Copy of Your Credit Report

To improve your credit, you need to understand what’s on your credit report and what areas to focus on.

If you visit, you can get a free copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus. The service is free and is sponsored by the major credit bureaus.


Dispute Inaccurate Information

Once you have a copy of your credit report, you need to go through it and identify any errors. This can be as simple as a misspelled name, incorrect address, or information about the wrong loan.

It’s also a good idea to take a look at your public records as you might find that there’s some inaccurate information on those as well. In many cases, these errors are due to identity theft and not your fault, but they will negatively affect your score, so you need to get them fixed.


Fix Your Past Due Accounts

If you have past-due accounts, make sure to get them caught up as soon as possible. If the account is sent to collections, it will drastically impact your credit and could even cause you to be denied additional credit in the future.

There are several ways that you can pay off past due accounts: lowering your payment, calling the creditor and asking for an extension, or transferring the balance to a new card with lower interest to pay it down faster.

The more accounts on your credit report which are paid as agreed, the better. It may even be worth paying off past-due accounts if you have good enough credit elsewhere to qualify for a balance transfer.


Focus on Your Credit Card Balances

If you have several credit cards with high balances, consider transferring them to a new card if possible so that you can pay the debt down faster. You will want to ensure there are no annual fees associated with transferring your balance since these are typically waived for the first year.

If you don’t have a good credit score, you will need to start your search with a low-interest rate credit card and work your way up.


Pay Off All Other Balances

Once you have settled any late payments or debts in collections, make sure that you pay off all other balances on time going forward. Make it a priority to pay the minimum due on time each month and make a point to pay more than the minimum if you can afford it.


Pay Your Bills On Time

While this seems obvious, it needs to be said. It’s important to always pay your bills on time going forward, even if you can only pay the minimum monthly payments. You should set up reminder alerts for yourself or check your credit report frequently to catch any late payments in advance.

It is essential to understand that any late payments by your utility companies or other creditors can have a negative impact on your credit score.


Keep Old Credit Cards Open

It’s important to keep old credit cards open even if you don’t use them anymore. This will have an impact on your average age of accounts which is a factor used in your credit score. You should try to keep all of the old credit cards open if at all possible so that you can maintain this important part of your credit history.


Avoid Credit Inquiries

If at all possible, you should avoid signing up for new credit accounts and only use your existing accounts. Every time you apply for credit, it will make an inquiry on your credit report. Too many inquiries within a short period of time can negatively impact your credit score.


Improve your Credit Utilization Ratio

Many people don’t realize that the amount of money available to you on credit cards and other revolving lines of credit is a huge factor in your debt to debt ratio. For example, if you have a credit card with a $1,000 limit and a balance of $800, you are utilizing 80% of your available credit.

If you pay off this debt in full each month, it will have little to no impact on your credit score since the amount of debt isn’t changing. However, if you continue to carry this balance month after month, it will dramatically impact your credit score.

Pro Tip: Besides paying off your debt each month, consider asking your credit card company for a credit line increase. This will lower your debt to credit ratio and can help improve your credit score.


Have the Right Credit Mix

Having the right mix of credit (installment loans like mortgages and auto loans, installment credit cards, etc.) will be another important factor in improving your credit score. If you do not have any installment loans, make sure to apply for one before applying for new credit like an auto loan or a mortgage.


Get a Secured Credit Card

If you can’t get approved for a new credit account, it might be a good idea to apply for a secured credit card instead.

This type of card works like any other credit card but requires that you deposit money with the bank before using the account.

These accounts can be a great way to check your credit score and may even help improve the overall situation.


Credit Repair Services to Consider

If you are seriously considering using a credit repair company to fix your bad credit, we recommend a few companies. We believe these are the best credit repair companies in the market and are trusted companies with high ratings from customers and the Better Business Bureau. 

Both Credit Saint and Sky Blue Credit Repair offer a variety of services that can help you improve your score. 


Credit Saint


Credit Saint is a credit repair company that has been in business since 2004. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have helped remove charge-offs and other negative items from people’s credit reports.

Credit Saint offers a wide variety of services to help you fix most derogatory marks on your credit report, such as late payment, charge-offs, and other services.

They can help you with credit counseling, credit monitoring, and identity theft protection. With affordable monthly payments and packages, you can find the solution that works best for you.

Credit Saint has a high customer satisfaction rate and offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on all their services.

Visit Credit Saint


Blue Sky Credit Repair

Sky Blue Credit Repair is another credit repair company that has been in business since 1989. They have an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and have high customer satisfaction.

Like Credit Saint, Sky Blue Credit Repair can help you remove a charge-off and any other delinquent credit accounts from your credit report. They also offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee on all of their services.

Both Credit Saint and Sky Blue Credit are reputable credit repair companies with a long history of helping people repair their credit and offer a free consultation call. 

If you’re struggling to remove a charge-off from your credit report, hiring one of these professionals may be the best step for you. However, like with any service, it’s a good idea to conduct your due diligence to ensure these services are right for you. 

Visit Sky Blue Credit Repair


Wrapping It Up

Trade lines impact a person’s credit history, and buying a well-established tradeline can positively impact a credit report. 

If you are looking for the best tradeline companies Tradeline Supply is the best option for affordable rates, excellent service and numerous positive reviews. Using a reputable company such as Tradeline Supply, can be a great way to add a credit boost to your credit report. 

We hope you found this Tradeline Supply Company review helpful, as always, do your research before taking on someone else’s credit history. 



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