X1 Credit Card Review: Can This Card Improve Your Credit?

X1 Credit Card Review

The majority of credit cards on the market require their users to undergo a credit check before being approved, but not this one.

The X1 is a new modern look card that does not factor a person’s credit score into their approval metrics. Instead, it is based on a person’s income.

The card launched in 2020 and quickly generated a long waiting list of applicants seeking an unparalleled rewards program and a high credit limit. As a clear competitor to the Apple credit card, the Silicon Valley metal card boasts several unique feature that would appeal to younger consumers.

What is it about the X1 credit card that has so many people flocking to it?

This article will break down all you need to know about the new X1 credit card.


X1 Credit Card Overview

X1 Credit Card

The X1 Credit Card is a new card from Visa.

Unlike most cards on the market, it is made from 17 grams of stainless steel that won’t bend or warp after one year of use.

The approval process does not rely on a person’s credit score as the lender is solely interested in the borrower’s income. That being said, a credit soft pull is used to verify the information.

Some reviews have stated that a hard credit report pull was completed after card approval, but that is not the norm.

With higher credit limits and appealing interest rates, the X1 credit card draws in those looking for a high revolving credit limit.

There is also no limit on rewards a person can earn in one year. Instead, members who spend more than $15,000 per year are rewarded with an increased rewards-per-dollar rate.


X1 Credit Card Features

The X1 credit card boasts several unique features that can’t be found elsewhere.

Credit Limit

According to the X1 website, the X1 credit card offers higher limits up to five times the industry average. The average X1 credit limit is a whopping $24,300.

The credit limit awarded to X1 users is calculated from current and future income and will increase as the lender sees fit or by request from the cardmember.


X1 credit card members earn a base level 2x points on every dollar spent on the card.

From there, it is possible to receive 3x, 4x, or 5x points.

2x Points

Every X1 cardmember will earn at least 2x points per dollar spent on the card for every single purchase.

3x Points

When cardmembers spend more than $15,000 per year, they qualify for 3x rewards on each dollar spent. The extra 1x will be applied retroactively to every dollar spent before qualification, and the 3x rewards will last until the card anniversary date.

4x Points

There are two ways to achieve 4x points:

  • Upon start-up: If you joined through a referral code, you will be awarded 4x points on every dollar spent for the first 30 days.
  • Referrals: Cardmembers earn 4x points for 30 days for each friend they refer via in-app invitation. 

X1 cardmembers can send three invites, so at most, the 4x reward can happen three times.

The 4x reward cannot be used concurrently in the same 30-day period, so if a cardmember refers two friends within the same 30-day period, there instead will be two consecutive 4x 30-day periods.

5x Points

To earn 5x points, cardmembers will have to enroll in “Boosts.”

Boosts aren’t guaranteed, but they provide excellent benefits for the merchants they work with or the categories offered when they are available.

Boost examples include:

  • Earn 200 more points on your next $500+ purchase
  • Earn 400 more points on your next $1,000+ purchase
  • Earn 5x points on your next purchase
  • Earn 5x points on your next Apple Pay purchase
  • Earn 5x points on your next restaurant purchase
  • Earn 5x points on your next gas purchase

Easier to get approved

The X1 credit card is one of the few options on the market for those with a poor credit score to receive an unsecured line of credit. Typically, credit cards that don’t require a credit check for approval depend on a deposit secured by the cardholder.

If you have a high income, chances are you will be approved for the X1 credit card.

Virtual credit card

Each X1 credit card member can create a virtual X1 credit card with the ability to cancel it whenever. In addition, cardmembers set the card’s expiration date on the virtual cards, so there is no risk of forgetting about it.

One-Click Subscription Cancellations

X1 offers one-click cancellation for all subscriptions paid for using the X1 credit card.

Mobile App

The easy to use mobile app provides all the credit card information as well as a marketplace to use your points.


What are X1 Credit Card Points Worth?

Credit card rewards are often the main draw when selecting a credit card.

There are two ways to utilize your points with the X1 credit card:

  • Offsetting purchases with specific merchants for 1 cent per point
  • Redeem cashback for 0.7 cents per point


Offsetting purchases with qualifying merchants

Points are worth 1 cent apiece when spent on products at qualifying merchants.

To redeem points, you first make the purchase and then later use your points to erase the charge.



You can redeem cashback for your reward points at a rate of .07 cents per point. If you choose to do this, the cash will be applied immediately to your card balance.


X1 Credit Card Rates and Fees

The X1 credit card has competitive fees that are attractive to potential card members.

The standard interest rate and balance transfer interest rate are 13.00 – 20.00% variable APR.

There is no foreign transaction fee or fees for late payment, and most importantly, there is no annual fee.

In addition to its lack of fees, there is no minimum amount that needs to be spent to achieve 2x points for every dollar spent.

X1 credit card members receive a favorable reward from the start, and the reward only gets better with continued use.

Fees Cost
Balance Transfer Interest13-20%
Cash Advance Interest20%
Annual Fee0%
Foreign Transaction Fee0%
Cash Advance Fee2%
Late Payment Fee$0
Over The Limit Fee$0
Returned Payment Fee$10
Replacement Card$25


Pros and Cons of X1 Credit Card

As with all credit cards, certain pros and cons need to be considered before adding a new source of credit to your rotation.

Here are the pros and cons of the X1 credit card.


  • No annual fee
  • No international fee
  • No late fee
  • High credit limit
  • High reward rate
  • Reasonable interest rate
  • Anonymous spending
  • Virtual credit cards
  • Referral program



  • Limited qualifying merchants for rewards
  • Adds to 5/24count
  • Start-up credit card

Now let’s take a look at these pros and cons in depth.


Pros of the X1 credit card

No annual, international, or late fees

There is no annual fee, so cardmembers will not be paying for the privilege to use the credit card. There is also no fee to use the card internationally, meaning cardmembers can reap the rewards anywhere they visit in the world. In addition, Cardmembers won’t be charged a fee for missing a payment, but interest will be owed if the balance isn’t paid in full within 21 days of the close of that specific billing cycle.

High credit limit

The X1 credit card offers some of the highest limits in the credit card market, making it easy for people to decrease their utilization percentage. The credit limit is based on current and future income and will automatically increase as the lender sees fit.

High reward rate

The X1 credit card offers a baseline of 2x rewards points, but members have the ability to achieve anywhere from 3x-4x points.

Reasonable interest rate

With an interest rate ranging from 13.00 – 20.00% variable APR, X1 credit cardholders will find that they have competitive fees.

Virtual benefits

The X1 card offers many virtual benefits that are excellent for anyone concerned about protection. For example, cardholders can shop anonymously so merchants can’t track your purchases, subscriptions bought through the card can be canceled with one click, and users can create temporary cards with predetermined expiration dates and virtual card numbers.


Cons of the X1 Credit Card

Limited qualifying merchants

While the rewards earned are great, there are few merchants that the X1 credit card works with. The four categories where rewards can be redeemed are Tech, Fitness, Retail, and Travel. While there are many name-brands included in their list of qualifying merchants, the rewards points aren’t as flexible with the X1 card as they are with other traditional credit cards.

Adds to the 5/24 count

Many lenders have a limit on the number of personal credit cards that can be opened within a certain period. Chase is known for applying a 5/24 rule to those seeking to open a new card with them: applicants will be rejected if they’ve opened 5 or more credit cards within a 24 month period. The X1 credit card will count as a credit card opened towards the 5/24 count.

Start-up credit card

X1 is a new credit card, just two years old, and is the brainchild of a start-up. While start-ups offer room for excellent growth, they also are open to volatility that just isn’t there with well-established brands. If the company was to shut down unexpectedly, there is a risk that cardmembers could lose all reward points earned that aren’t yet redeemed.


Is the X1 Credit Card Right for You?

The X1 credit card is perfect for high-earners who are in control of their finances. The high credit line offered can easily cause problems for someone’s financial health, but if you are in control of what you spend, the X1 credit card can be a great asset.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who started the X1 card?

The X1 credit card was founded by the notable Twitter alums Deepak Rao and Siddharth Batra. It has support from PayPal founder Max Levchin and PayPal founding COO David Sacks.


Is X1 only for high-earners?

Income is the primary consideration for approval for the X1 credit card, but the X1 website does not outline a specific income needed to be considered. That being said, with an average credit limit of over $20,000, one can assume a decent income must be earned yearly for consideration.


Will the X1 card affect my credit score?

The X1 credit card does not complete a hard credit pull during the application process, so an application will not affect one’s credit score if the application is denied. The X1 credit card does report to all three main credit bureaus, so cardmembers will see a movement in their credit score reflective of their payment credit history and credit use.


What information will X1 need if they don’t check my credit score?

X1 doesn’t pull your credit score during the approval process, so there are other verification factors that they look at when determining your eligibility. X1 will ask for documentation proving that you are employed, and they will ask you to link your bank account using Plaid. It is possible that you must submit pay stubs.


Wrapping it Up

The new X1is the smartest credit card and is a great option for those with an above-average income or for those with a lower credit score. This is a great competitor to the Apple card and potentially will come with a higher credit limit.

It offers its users excellent rewards for all purchases, and it rewards its users for using the card frequently. It also boasts excellent virtual programs, and X1 cardmembers are able to make online purchases anonymously or with temporary cards.

If you have a high income and are considering adding to your credit limit, the X1 credit card may just be your best option.

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